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Greece needs a Solidarity Pact

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Greece needs a Solidarity Pact


The Greek Parliament voted for the austerity package that was forced on them by the EU the IMF and the ECB. This vote offers a few more weeks to politicians to find sustainable solutions for the future of Greece, but it will not bring Greece back to recovery.

If not handled with the necessary vision, the situation could degenerate in an economic and social catastrophe not only for Greece but for the EU as a whole. The European Finance Ministers on 3 July and subsequently must not simply endorse the same failing policies.

The people and workers of Greece are being made to pay for the mismanagement of politicians and speculators – in particular the previous Government and the banks that advised them while betting on their failure. Popular unrest is deep. The tremendous efforts required are not spread to make the rich and comfortable assume their responsibilities. Strikes called by Greek trade unions reflect the workers’ anger at being governed by the markets and their oligopolistic and self-serving rating agencies that impose decisions over democratically elected governments. The major expansion of privatisation programmes under direct EU control, the undermining of labour market institutions, represent clear and questionable interventions in Greek national autonomy.

EU leaders must now show leadership. Another course of action is necessary. It should be based on a more generous offer for Greece and other distressed countries – a new Marshall Plan. Such a plan would insist on tax collection, taxes on the rich and comfortable in the distressed countries, taxes on financial services and transactions, use of structural funds available for investments, Eurobonds, project bonds, growth and innovation initiatives in line with the Europe 2020 strategy, less pressure on wages, welfare and public services and on the poorer section of society.Finding a pan-European solution should be considered with regard to the debt of the distressed countries as ETUC has proposed.

The road to recovery must come from an EU solidarity pact, with the active involvement of trade unions in Greece over the use of the funding made available, and a medium and long term investment programme for the creation of jobs and capable of bringing the country back to a sustainable economic development. Trade unions must be involved at all levels in drawing up plans for growth and innovation, as well as for debt reduction.

The European Trade Union Confederation expresses its solidarity with its affiliates GSEE and ADEDY dealing with anger and despair of workers and citizens, striving to avoid social chaos and to restore fairness and decent treatment for Greek people.



For more information :
Patricia Grillo.
ETUC Head of Press and Communications
+ 32 (0)2 224 04 30
+ 32 (0)477 7 7 0 1 64
E-mail :

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30 Ιουνίου, 2011 στις 6:41 μμ

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